medical massage top banner. Craig Botha: I am a registered massage therapist in Kepmton Park. Call me on 082 812 9721

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Massage Vouchers on-line purchasing portal.

Simply pay with your card and a voucher will be e-mailed to you, or you can print out the receipt and that is also proof of the voucher purchased. Vouchers are redeemed by making an appointment in the normal way, and can't be used for mobile massage, so appointments will be at my studio in Kempton Park during normal working hours.

30 min. Back massage voucher R300

* Quantity

1 Hour full body massage voucher R420

* Quantity

90min. Full body massage voucher R550

* Quantity

Remember, I work on an appointment basis only, so if you would like to make an appointment, please call me on 082 812 9721.
I look forward to hearing form you.

Missed appointment are still charged for at the full rate.
Unless you cancel at least 24 hours before hand. The reason for this is that I am unable to earn any other money during the time that you are meant to be there.

Massage studio address:

91 Monument Rd.
Kempton Park.

Hours of practice:
Week days (Mon to Fri)
8am to 6pm.

between 10am and 2pm.

I am not available on Sundays!

sports massage 6. Craig Botha: I am a registered massage therapist in Kepmton Park. call me on 082 812 9721

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sports massage 7. Craig Botha: I am a registered massage therapist in Kepmton Park.

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